Volume 1 Issue 1 September 2017

S.No Title and Author Article Pages Country
Estimation of hearing loss using interactive pure tone audiometric test with embedded system interface
Authors: Sundari.B
Download 1-4 India
Servo controlled tele-robotic arm with electric grippers using internet of things
Authors: Ramachandran.P
Download 5-8 India
Bayer filter array interpolation and color reconstruction using directional filtering and weighting technique
Authors: Prabakaran.R.N
Download 9-13 India
Employing wireless sensor networks for early prediction of volcanic earthquake and eruptions
Authors: Rupavathi.N
Download 14-18 India
Development of intercom system using power line carrier communication utilizing existing AC electrical wiring
Authors: Karthick.D.M
Download 19-23 India
Advanced Menu Ordering System in Restaurants
Authors: Ragila VV, Rosmi Varghese, Soorya Rajeev K, Shimna PK
Download 24-29 India

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