Volume 2 Issue 1 March 2018

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Computer Aided Detection and Classifications of Liver Cancer Using SVM
Authors: E.Keerthika, G.Kanagaraj
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2 Dynamic Architecture Way Filtering To Reduce Power Consumption on LLC
Authors: R.Karthika, A.Vivekaraj, G.Kanagaraj
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3 Configurable Joint Detection Algorithm for MIMO Wireless Communication System
Authors: S.Divyabarathi, N.R.Sivaraaj, G.Kanagaraj
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4 Wind Energy Conversion System with DFIG and STATCOM for Optimized Integration of Wind Power into Transmission and Distribution System
Authors: S.Anandajothi, S.Karthick
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5 Modeling of CMOS-MTJ Hybrid Full Adder Circuit for Ultra-Low Power Architectures
Authors: Greeshma, Mahitha M. Das, Greshma Mohan, Ajin A. S
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6 Fault Analysis and Protection for Power Transformer Using Adaptive Differential Relay
Authors: A.Dineshkumar, N.Suresh
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7 Fault Analysis and Simulation of A Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion System
Authors: C.Arunkumar, K.Kandan
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8 Low Power Design of Highly Secured Crypto Processors
Authors: Rajan Lavanya, M.Vidhyia, G.Kanagaraj
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