Volume 2 Issue 3 May 2018

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Design and Implementation of an Voltage Compensation with SSSC for Distributed Energy Systems
Authors: K.Gayathri, T.Rajkumar
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2 Comparative Analysis and Design of Transmission Line Tower Using Steel Section with Tubular Section
Authors: AravindPandiyan A, John Peter S, KamalaKannan P
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3 BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array Fed Water Pumping System Employing Zeta Converter
Authors: K.Bagiyalakshmi, C.Keerthana
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4 Enhance the Efficiency of Heat Exchanger with Helical Baffle
Authors: Sagar Kadu, Monash Mhatre, Aadhityasagar, Augussilvastar, Siddhart Nagi
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5 Multilayered Approach for Identity Crime Detection system
Authors: Ashwini Mote, Nitu Pariyal
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6 A Survey on Approaches of Blood Vessel Extraction from Retinal Images
Authors: Monal R.Sharma, S.T.Khandare
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7 Fabrication of Metal Chips Briquetting Machine
Authors: Murugkar A.D, KanoreAniket, Nagale Priyanka, D.K.Nannaware
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