Volume 2 Issue 4 June 2018

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Novel Approaches for Data Routing and Clustering In Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Gurav Rohini Prakash, Kayalvizhi.N, Ramesh.K, Sundari.B
Download India Sundari
2 Simulation and Modeling of 6-DOF Robot Manipulator Using Matlab Software
Authors: Thavamani.P, Ramesh.K, Sundari.B
Download India Sundari
3 Improve Productivity in a Tyre Industry "A Case Study"
Authors: Anjali Sharma, Prof.Kamalesh kushwaha
Download India Anjali Sharma
4 "iCan" – A Web Application Framework for People with Special Needs
Authors: Mai Ubeid, Ihab Zaqout
Download Palestine Mai Ubeid
5 Optimization of Contactless Energy Transfer System Adaptive to Changes in Coil Separation
Authors: Chuo Chue Hwang, Shen Liangxing Su, Yean Chang Ming
Download Korea Author

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