Volume 2 Issue 8 October 2018

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Architectural Documentation of Jam Nizam-Al-Din Samoo Tomb, Makli, Thatta
Authors: Architect Mushtaque Ali Khooharo, Prof. Dr.Bhai khan Shar, Prof. Manik Mustafa Shar, Architect Bilawal Sathio, Prof. Atta-Ul-Munim Bullo, Asst. Prof. Hina Marvi
Download Pakistan Mushtaque Ali Khooharo
2 LU Factorization using Java Programming: Solving Systems of Linear Equation
Authors: Jasper S.L. Ipapo, Froilan E. De Guzman, Jason Roi L. Lapuz
Download Philippines Jasper Ipapo
3 Exploring the Perception of Patient on Sustainable Healthcare Design Indicators
Authors: Baby Jamzadilalarukh, Sabeen Qureshi, Jveria Manzoor Shaikh
Download Pakistan Baby Jamzadilalarukh
4 High Density Impulse Noise Removal and Edge Detection in SAR Images Based on DWT-SVM-NN Technique
Authors: S.Ranjitha, Dr. S G Hiremath
Download India Author
5 Structural Characterization of the Zaria Batholith Using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW) Seismic Method
Authors: Collins C. Chiemeke, Ojo Olufemi Felix
Download Nigeria Collins Chiemeke


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