Volume 2 Issue 9 November 2018

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 Evaluation of layer Velocity Disparity and Lithological Changes within the Subsurface Using High Resolution Downhole Seismic Method for Site Characterization
Authors: Collins C. Chiemeke
Download Nigeria Collins Chiemeke
2 Architecture Pedagogy: Investigating the Physical Environment of Design Studio for Pedagogical Needs
Authors: Hafsa SaleemArain, Prof.Dr.Bhai Khan Shar, Fahad Shams Nizamani
Download Pakistan Hafsa Saleem Arain
3 Influence of Design Characteristics on Walkability A Study on MUET Campus Jamshoro
Authors: Uzma Arisar, Mir Aftab Hussain Talpur, Bhai khan Shar, Mushtaque Ali, Ali Raza Khoso
Download Pakistan author
4 Climate Change and the Fall of Agricultural Production in Some Selected Regions of India
Authors: Samir Shehu Danhassan, Anjali Meena, Mukhtar Khalifa Usman, Aminu Hussaini, Ahmed Abubakar, Musbahu Jibrin Abubakar
Download Nigeria Ahmed Abubakar


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