Volume 3 Issue 6 June 2019

S.No Title and Author Article Country Photo
1 An Augmentation in the Diagnostic Potency of Breast Cancer through A Deep Learning Cloud-Based A.I. Framework to Compute Tumor Malignancy & Risk
Authors: Om Agarwal
Download Canada Om Agarwal
2 Design & Modelling of Comb Generator for EMI/EMC Test Chamber Validation
Authors: Laxmi Kc, P. Siva Kumar, Dr.S.Aruna
Download Nepal/India Laxmi KC
3 AES-256 Algorithm using FPGA
Authors: Sayali Ingle, Neha Lohikpure, Rupali Shinde, S.C.Wagaj
Download India Neha Lohikpure
4 Analysis and Optimization in Electrochemical Machining by using AISI D2 Tool Steel
Authors: Deepanshu Shrivastava, Shailesh Dewangan
Download India Deepanshu Shrivastava
5 Load Carrying Capacity of Square and Circular Composite Columns under Axial Loading
Authors: Shehdeh Ghannam
Download Jordan Shehdeh Ghannam
6 Developments in the Islamic Heritage in South East Asia. From the Past to the Future “Case Study – Mosque Architecture in Malaysia and Possible Influences in the Classification Styles”
Authors: Dr. Architect Bassam Abu Awwad
Download Jordan Bassam Abu Awwad


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